Facebook – Announces New TV App To Compete With YouTube

Facebook want users to upload and consume more videos. It is making a few changes in the way it distributes and displays the videos. Facebook will launch a series of apps for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Samsung Smart TV. For Facebook, the ability to stream on TV is another step to make site and apps in a single place through Facebook TV App.

According to Facebook VP of partnerships, Dan Rose, this process started with auto-play video ads that came in news feed. Then it extended to the live videos and Instagram videos. On 15th February, the company announced a few changes to the way the video would display.

The changes that Facebook will introduce

First, the videos will play sound according to the audio settings of your device. It means, if the audio settings of your device are on, the video will play music, if it is off, there will be no sound. The Facebook news feed will get the update in which noise of video will fade away as the user scrolls through the news feed. The feature will bring a lot of changes in the thought process of creators too. A lot of people just want to check out the video without the sound, makers are thinking of adding subtitles. Thus, the strategy might draw people. But subtitling is costly and time-consuming. In the UK, disability groups appreciated the use of subtitles for each and every video. There are chances of bringing a law over TV subtitling. But that might not apply for
Facebook TV app videos.

Secondly, Facebook will not crop the vertical videos anymore. The feature will make it look more like the Snapchat.

The third change is, users can now watch a video and pull it to one side or a corner of their news feed. And they can keep watching the video while scrolling through their news feed.

Facebook TV app

Apart from the above three changes, Facebook will also introduce the streaming app. It will let the users watch Facebook videos from their TV. Dan Rose said Facebook TV app have the ability to Airplay or stream videos to an Apple TV or the ChromeCast. The company hired CollegeHumor’s Ricky Van for creating kids content. The company is also looking ways for creating different content. It will place Facebook in a straightaway competition with YouTube. Facebook needs to figure out ways to offer the monetization tools. The company has to pay the creators for their work.

On 14th February we already reported that Facebook is looking to offer licensed music for videos. So that video producers do not face the issue of copyright infringement. At present, the Facebook user base has got 1.2 billion active users and growing. Thus, Facebook TV app has great opportunity to make different contents more accessible to users. A platform for mobile, desktop and TV distribution is ideal for boosting video production and viewership.

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