Facebook – Now You Can Add Soundtrack To Your Video

So now Facebook is going to help you add a soundtrack to your videos. How cool can it be? Way cooler than Snapchat or Twitter. It is a good strategy by Facebook to compete Twitter and Snapchat. And this is why Facebook is pressing record labels for a licensing deal. With successful negotiations, it can allow the users to edit favorite soundtracks and add into their Facebook video without violating copyright. Facebook is also looking for ways so that people can quickly search and select songs and add a soundtrack to their videos. From 2015, Facebook was trying to get music videos on user’s news feed.

Copyrighted music in any Facebook video will be taken down

In 2016, Billboard reported that Facebook would build anti-piracy tool for music. It will compliment with the Rights Manager tool. Facebook doubled its efforts to secure copyrighted music to use in Facebook Videos. Without these deals, Facebook cannot allow people to upload videos that contain copyrighted music.

For instance, you cannot compile a Facebook video with your favorite romantic songs and post it on your dear one’s timeline because it contains copyrighted music. Facebook will take down the video in no time. It will discourage the users from creating and posting videos for fun. Thus, the social media giant will miss out a major money making opportunity.

YouTube did the same

YouTube faced the same issue with copyrighted music and video content. It detects the copyrighted music and offers options to the owner of the content creator. Either you have to remove the video or become a beneficiary by sharing revenue from ads in the video. Most of the users prefer the second option because no one wants to get their videos removed. Facebook already introduced the audio fingerprinting option in 2014. It allows you to tag your friends in status updates and pictures. Now it’s just a matter of a deal that will allow the company to earn further revenue.

The question remains

Facebook hired the former director of YouTube and Google Music, Tamara Hrivnak. She will lead the music strategy and also work with labels. A major question remains. Whether Facebook can draw the line between the incidental use of music and deliberate piracy? The deal can also open opportunity for a deeper partnership with professional music artists. Facebook can get a significant leverage over the labels and open the sponsorship opportunities. It will suggest particular songs to people that they can use as soundtracks.

Right now, Facebook is playing safe and removing any obstacles that can come in its growth process. Most people cannot do good videography let along sound editing. Thus, user-generated videos can become boring to watch. But with right music in the video, the shaky party clips can be great to check out.

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