Nokia 3310 Back: What’s New In This 2017 Version?

The much awaited Nokia 3310 is finally launched at Barcelona in MWC. The phone seemed to have made its way into puberty after 17 years and has got a whole new look. Well, not completely. But at the Nokia 3310 Back HMD global made it clear that it’s the same old wine in a new bottle.

Nokia 3310 launch – Snake, Candy bar and more

Look wise the Nokia phone is an upgrade from the boring gray color to orange, yellow and multiple other colors. But the features are still primary. You have the usual Snake game with an updated version. As you can see from the pictures, they have a candy bar-like appearance and weighs less than three ounces. So on first look, you realize that it is a basic Nokia cell phone.

So what’s new?

HMD global has kept the key aspects of the phone intact. The battery can last for an unbelievable 31 days on standby and 22 hours for talk time. The battery was a huge selling point for the original Nokia 3310. Hence this aspect has been kept intact.

Then Nokia 3310 launch showed us how a small camera is inputted into it. The 2.4inch screen features a 240×320 pixels resolution, and the camera is 2MP. So you can’t expect great photos, but you get a clear enough shot to recognize faces.

Micro-USB charging point is another new factor in this Nokia phone. The pin charger point is no longer available in any of the phones. So it makes sense to have this upgrade. Another upgrade is the headphone jack 3.5mm. This feature was not present in the original Nokia mobile phone. But now, one can listen to FM radio and MP3, on this phone.

Nokia 3310 launch: What’s the price?

This phone could have been a great secondary phone or an additional phone for some. But sadly, in India, it is priced at Rs. 3,500. Within this price, one would get a decent 3G smartphone.

It is clear that Nokia mobile phone lovers will go for it. But we recommend this phone to those who are looking for a long lasting secondary phone.

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